SEO Paradox 3: 1) Wikipedia 2) Press Release 3) RSS Feeds

#SEO algorithms changes almost every day with big and minor updates. Many tactics that were proven working on the old days became a taboo nowadays. In the coming weeks, we shall discuss with you the following 3 SEO off-page strategies which were proved to be awesome are still working today or not: 1) Wikipedia 2) […]

Digital Marketing Consumer Journey

Consumer Buying Cycle or Customer Journey in marketing context are the mental flow processes of audience going through from need recognition and product awareness; and then interest; and finally being converted into a buyer and brand advocate. This buying cycle or sometimes referred as a sales funnel are usually in reverted triangle; as audience size […]

Programmatc Audio Ad Formats – New Kid on the block

This is an exciting addition to #digital advertising that was only enabled quite recently in programmatic platforms. Brand marketers can now leverage on the power of audio messaging to connect with audience; and reach the objectives of brand recall, brand interest and sales ROI. Google’s DV360 is one of the programmatic platforms that move to […]

Snippet Strategy – Your 2019 SEO Strategy

Rich Snippets is the term used to describe structured data markup that site operators can add to their existing HTML, which in turn allow search engines to better understand what information is contained on each web page. This helps search engines to bring more relevant traffic to your website. One of the example of the […]

5 facts you need to know about an xml sitemap

XML Sitemap is a must for #SEO specialist. 5 facts you need to know about an xml sitemap: 1) xml sitemap must be located at your website’s root directory 2) xml sitemap must be submitted at the webmaster center fo major search engines 3) xml sitemap helps search engines to crawl and index your pages […]

Digital Marketing Approach – SMART

Stepping into 2019, we all understand the difference between traditional Vs. #Digital Marketing. In some cases, there are some traditional approach of marketing in digital environment such as IO buy on premium websites or online media / newspapers. We shall still regard this as traditiional marketing. All in all, we shall adopt a SMART approach […]

The rise of vertical video ad format – Capture the moment

Vertical videos formats in video advertising are getting more and more popular. This trend is pioneered by Snapchat as the vast majority of video content captured on smartphones is shot vertically. In line with this trend and following Snapchat, we have seen Instagram Stories, facebook and youtube all move to embrace vertical content formats DIGICOM […]

4 questions to check if you truely understand SEO

#SEO is almost the first discipline emerged when digial marketing came to the scene. This buzzword has been around for almost two decades. Brands have been given lots of education from different digital agencies or consultants that this is not a new topic. However the algorithm of search engines ranking factors have been constantly changing. […]

SEO Friendly Website Not the Same as Executing SEO

Brand owners launch a professionally looking website and then planned for their promotion. #SEO may be the starting point of their promotion. And then they found out the website is not SEO friendly from the aspect of on-page optimization and technical optimization. Some of these non-SEO friendly elements can be rectified without a big modification […]

Deep Dive into Digital Marketing Metrics

As mentioned, #Digital Marketing or #performance marketing replies on indepth analysis of campaign data. Let’s deep dive into the different reporting metrics: Impression. An ad view or impression refers to the point at which an ad is served on displayed on a web page. On RTB platform, this is the numbers of times the ad […]