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4 Digital Trends that made a Separate Mobile Marketing Strategy not a good idea

In 2019, a separate mobile marketing strategy is no longer a good idea to any marketer. Having said that, we do not mean to say mobile is not important. It is the reversal that today mobile traffic has now surpassed that of desktop leading to distinction between devices getting less and less significant. Here 3 […]

Digital Marketing no more a standalone discipline

Stepping into 2019, this is a global trend of media usage habit shifting from offline to online channel together with the emergence of connected TV. The boundary between #digital marketing and traditional marketing will become more blur. And we shall see digital marketing function will not be a separate discipline from the overall marketing functions. […]

20 Best Digital Marketing Tools You Should Consider In 2019

Before we start our journey from target audience segmentation and buyer persona build-up, qualitative and quantitative #digital marketing research is the crucial pre-requisites. Here are the 20 best digital marketing research tools you should consider in 2019 on audience research, competitive intelligence, marketing landscape insights and more. Canva allows users to make use of customized […]

Target Segmentation and 11 Buyer Persona Tools

A successful digtal marketing strategies start with target audience segmentation. The division of the audience into granular segments based on demographics, psychographics and technographics facilitates digital marketer to focus on the segment that aligns with their Unique Selling Proposition (USPs). Upon the selection of the target audience segment, digital marketer will project a buyer persona […]

Digital Marketing Consumer Journey

Consumer Buying Cycle or Customer Journey in marketing context are the mental flow processes of audience going through from need recognition and product awareness; and then interest; and finally being converted into a buyer and brand advocate. This buying cycle or sometimes referred as a sales funnel are usually in reverted triangle; as audience size […]

Digital Marketing Approach – SMART

Stepping into 2019, we all understand the difference between traditional Vs. #Digital Marketing. In some cases, there are some traditional approach of marketing in digital environment such as IO buy on premium websites or online media / newspapers. We shall still regard this as traditiional marketing. All in all, we shall adopt a SMART approach […]

Deep Dive into Digital Marketing Metrics

As mentioned, #Digital Marketing or #performance marketing replies on indepth analysis of campaign data. Let’s deep dive into the different reporting metrics: Impression. An ad view or impression refers to the point at which an ad is served on displayed on a web page. On RTB platform, this is the numbers of times the ad […]

Performance Marketing – 3 Pillars

#Digital Marketing or Online Marketing also gives birth to the concept of #performance marketing. Performance marketing give the most benefit to conversion based advertising campaigns. The 3 pillars of Performance marketing are: (i) Innovative prospecting and remarketing strategies (ii) Deep insights on Audience data (iii) Indepth analysis of campaign data and attribution reporting data for […]

Alphabet soup in Digital Marketing or Programmatic Advertising: A look into DMP, DSP, SSP, RTB, DBM and DCM

In #Digital Marketing and Big Data era, a digital marketer comes across many #acronyms. Here in these article, we shall share the definitions of acronyms like DMP, DSP, SSP and RTB. On top of that I would like to add DBM and DCM as I came across some digital marketer who might be confess with […]

6 Reasons Digital Marketing Is Moving In-House

The beauty of #digital marketing are results forecast before the campaign; and measurable and trackable results after the campaign as well as optimization over time to enhance the business results. DIGICOM adopts performance based approach of digital marketing. Objectives are translated into quantitative Key performance Indicators, say nos of views, web traffic, sales and revenue. […]