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March 2019 – DIGICOM – Digital Marketing Course Provider

Digital Marketing no more a standalone discipline

Stepping into 2019, this is a global trend of media usage habit shifting from offline to online channel together with the emergence of connected TV. The boundary between #digital marketing and traditional marketing will become more blur. And we shall see digital marketing function will not be a separate discipline from the overall marketing functions. […]

3 Different Meanings of “Keywords”

In the context of #digital marketing, Keywords have different definitions in different digital channels or targeting options 1) Keywords in Search: – The search query that triggered your web listing in the SERPs in both organic or paid search 2) Contextual Keywords in Display advertising (Ad Network, Ad Exchange or DSP): – A targeting option […]

20 Best Digital Marketing Tools You Should Consider In 2019

Before we start our journey from target audience segmentation and buyer persona build-up, qualitative and quantitative #digital marketing research is the crucial pre-requisites. Here are the 20 best digital marketing research tools you should consider in 2019 on audience research, competitive intelligence, marketing landscape insights and more. Canva allows users to make use of customized […]

Brand Safety in 5 Levels

Brand Safety in display advertising is the measures to protect your brands from exposing to inappropriate content. Over the years, I also saw brands overlooked to put brand safety in place in their display advertising campaign resulting into big catastrophe. Brand safety can usually be put in place in the programmatic ad platform by excluding […]

RSS – A SEO tactic in the past or a future strategy you should focus on?

Both RSS feeds and Sitemaps are written in XML. Google’s John Mueller has stated that RSS feeds do help them index a site, especially one with many pages like an e-commerce site. However after some time Google’s John Mueller said on Twitter that RSS feeds do not help your web site rank better in Google […]

Press Release – A SEO tactic in the past or a future strategy you should focus on?

Same as Wikipedia that we discussed weeks ago, is Press release a good off-page #SEO tactics. According to this article we shared with references from Google’s John Mueller, press release links are all no followed that Google’s aglorithms ignores. The conclusion from this article is neither helpful nor harmful to your orgnaic web rankings. Having […]

Target Segmentation and 11 Buyer Persona Tools

A successful digtal marketing strategies start with target audience segmentation. The division of the audience into granular segments based on demographics, psychographics and technographics facilitates digital marketer to focus on the segment that aligns with their Unique Selling Proposition (USPs). Upon the selection of the target audience segment, digital marketer will project a buyer persona […]

Gain insights into your traditional linear TV campaigns in DV360

By linking a YouTube channel where you post TV ads, you can explore key metrics and audience data about your recent airings on TV Ad Explorer within the DV360 platform. With this deeper insight into traditional TV performance, you can inform the strategy of your digital campaigns. Audience data you can get includes genders, age, […]