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Press Release – A SEO tactic in the past or a future strategy you should focus on? – DIGICOM – Digital Marketing Course Provider

Same as Wikipedia that we discussed weeks ago, is Press release a good off-page tactics.

According to this article we shared with references from Google’s John Mueller, press release links are all no followed that Google’s aglorithms ignores. The conclusion from this article is neither helpful nor harmful to your orgnaic web rankings.

Having said that, Press releases from my POV to some extent still has SEO value due to two reasons:
1) It gives you lots of referral traffic
2) Linkless mentions of your brands can also help boost up your organic ranking

However this may not be your priorities in your SEO strategies. If you have a very right budget for SEO, this should be the last action you should take to build your off-page SEO tactics.

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