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Adopting a Holistic Search Approach integrated into 360 Digital Marketing Channels

Search keywords based on search volume research is not only related to SEO (Search Engine Optimization) or SEM. It is consumer data and insights of audience preferences, interests and indication of market trend. Therefore #SEO is not working in silo, but should be integrated with your online and offline marketing channels, tactics and strategies. Here […]

SEO Friendly CMS not equal to SEO Optimized Website

Many marketers may come across CMS developers or web develop offers free #SEO through their website development or website built in their content management system (CMS). The truth is SEO friendly CMS may not automatically help to build a fully SEO-optimized website without effort from keywords research, search intent centered onsite and offsite optimization In […]

Common SEO Paradox

How your understanding of #Search Engine Optimization (#SEO) reflects the truth? There are many paradox on SEO that many seasoned marketers may overlook. We are going to discuss some of these. Backlinks are no more important and are one form of Spamming? (false unless you use the wrong links and wrong methods) Press release distribution […]

You Should Start SEO before Website Development

You should start SEO (Search Engine Optimization) before website development. This is contradictory to conventional marketers’ way of building a beautiful website; and then #SEO. The rationale behind lies more on the onsite optimization elements such as website content structure, website design and layout, content writing and programming that is related to your keywords. Some […]

How Search Engine Works?

How Search Engines works? How does it determine the organic web rankings of thousands of websites? Search engines like Google and Yahoo go thought the 3 step of ranking the website: Crawling, Indexing and Ranking. Nevertheless the underlying rule of government which web listing at the top is relevancy. Relevancy is the King. How relevant […]

Google Algorithm & Google Dance

As mentioned previously, Google is the search engine with the largest search volume in most countries. Therefore it is important to understand Google Algorithm i.e. how Google rank the web page. Google Algorithm changes over time as there are major and minor updates on its algorithm every year, quarter and month. However the following update […]

Why Google SEO Rules?

#SEO, abbreviated term for #Search Engine Optimization which is the organic way of boosting your website listing to the top of SERP (Search Engine Results Pages). Why we are mostly referring to SEO on Google? It is because Google has the largest search volumes in most countries. Below are a few countries that Google is […]

Why Always go for White Hat SEO

#SEO, abbreviated term for #Search Engine Optimization which is the organic way of boosting your website listing to the top of SERP (Search Engine Results Pages). There are two schools of SEO: black hat and white hat. We should always go for the White Hat because this is the preferred method of Google. White Hat […]

4 Digital Trends that made a Separate Mobile Marketing Strategy not a good idea

In 2019, a separate mobile marketing strategy is no longer a good idea to any marketer. Having said that, we do not mean to say mobile is not important. It is the reversal that today mobile traffic has now surpassed that of desktop leading to distinction between devices getting less and less significant. Here 3 […]