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Programmatic will dominate the digital display advertising scene by 2020

Marketer predicts that more than $46 billion will go to programmatic advertising in the US this year. By 2020, 86.2% of all digital display ads will be bought via automated channels. US Programmatic Digital Display Ad Spending, by Transaction Method, 2016-2020 (billions, % change and % of total programmatic digital display ad spending) Programmatic channels […]

3 Different Meanings of “Keywords”

In the context of #digital marketing, Keywords have different definitions in different digital channels or targeting options 1) Keywords in Search: – The search query that triggered your web listing in the SERPs in both organic or paid search 2) Contextual Keywords in Display advertising (Ad Network, Ad Exchange or DSP): – A targeting option […]

Brand Safety in 5 Levels

Brand Safety in display advertising is the measures to protect your brands from exposing to inappropriate content. Over the years, I also saw brands overlooked to put brand safety in place in their display advertising campaign resulting into big catastrophe. Brand safety can usually be put in place in the programmatic ad platform by excluding […]

Gain insights into your traditional linear TV campaigns in DV360

By linking a YouTube channel where you post TV ads, you can explore key metrics and audience data about your recent airings on TV Ad Explorer within the DV360 platform. With this deeper insight into traditional TV performance, you can inform the strategy of your digital campaigns. Audience data you can get includes genders, age, […]

Programmatc Audio Ad Formats – New Kid on the block

This is an exciting addition to #digital advertising that was only enabled quite recently in programmatic platforms. Brand marketers can now leverage on the power of audio messaging to connect with audience; and reach the objectives of brand recall, brand interest and sales ROI. Google’s DV360 is one of the programmatic platforms that move to […]

The rise of vertical video ad format – Capture the moment

Vertical videos formats in video advertising are getting more and more popular. This trend is pioneered by Snapchat as the vast majority of video content captured on smartphones is shot vertically. In line with this trend and following Snapchat, we have seen Instagram Stories, facebook and youtube all move to embrace vertical content formats DIGICOM […]

Artificial Intelligence (AI) – Future Digital Marketing Trend

Artificial intelligence marketing is the future trend in #Digital Marketing. It is a form of marketing leveraging artificial intelligence concept and model such as machine learning and software algorithm based on big data instead of human learning and reasoning across all touch points in the consumer journey to achieve marketing goals. The derived benefit is […]

Programmatic Media Buy – 2 Definitions

#Programmatic buy in its broad sense is any advertising format which involves the use of automation software and machine learning technology. And Programmatic buy in its narrow sense is the advertising format using automation software and machine learning in display and video advertising on Demand Side Platform (DSPs) Real-time bidding (RTB) is a the sould […]

3 Major Changes in Rebranding of Google Ad Products

On Jun 2018, Google announced rebranding their self-served biddable ad platforms. First, Google adWords, a product for SMEs launched in 2000 for search engine advertising, Google Display Network (GDN) ad placements, and youtube advertising are renamed as Google Ads. The new link to access the platform will be ads.google.com Second, DoubleClick, an enterprise-level product bought […]

Introducing Google Marketing Platform

“Through the DIGICOM platform, we were able to generate north of HK$600,000 in revenue and 1600+ sales at a ROAS of 10+ during one single quarter; through programmatic advertising and creative targeting Strategy” This is the compliment from our client on programmatic advertising, Hong Kong Rugby Union. Email to us to get a case study! […]