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Alphabet soup in Digital Marketing or Programmatic Advertising: A look into DMP, DSP, SSP, RTB, DBM and DCM

In #Digital Marketing and Big Data era, a digital marketer comes across many #acronyms. Here in these article, we shall share the definitions of acronyms like DMP, DSP, SSP and RTB. On top of that I would like to add DBM and DCM as I came across some digital marketer who might be confess with […]

5 Major Google Algorithm updates Summarized in the Past 2018

In this article, we share 5 Major Google Algorithm updates in 2018 that you should focus on. On top of this list, I would also like to add Google RankBrain, which is always regarded as the third important update at this moment. Google RankBrain will be further elaborated in the coming blog posts.Check how suited […]