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SEO Friendly Website Not the Same as Executing SEO – DIGICOM – Digital Marketing Course Provider

Brand owners launch a professionally looking website and then planned for their promotion. may be the starting point of their promotion. And then they found out the website is not SEO friendly from the aspect of on-page optimization and technical optimization. Some of these non-SEO friendly elements can be rectified without a big modification of your website. However some of those non-SEO friendly elements may need big investments to modify your website such as website design and layout or content structure.

Therefore the best practice is to have SEO in place before planning your website, but not the reversal.

Many web developers will promise to make sure your website SEO friendly. However the fact that you have a SEO friendly website is not equivalent to that you have done SEO on your website and rank your website high in any keywords in the organic SERPs. SEO friendly website means your website is not in fringe of any search engine algorithms such as the use of static page URLs, no invisible text, no use of whole flash or image on your page, etc. Being SEO friendly alone will not rank you high on any organic web rankings if you have not done any SEO on your website. Having done SEO in your website means you have done most or all of the following tasks which is not exhaustive here:
– starting with your SEO keywords research
– title tags and SEO tagging in line with your selected keyword theme in adequate intensity
– sufficient markup language to let Search engines understand your website
– content well written for your selected keyword theme
– a separate SEO recommendation specfic to each of your page
– off page SEO tactics such as link building, local map listing
– Technical optimization

Worse than that some web developers may be just putting the same duplicating title tags across your website or invisible H1 tags on your website which will be penalized by major search engines; or may be putting meta description or meta keywords in the head section of all your pages, however with no value to your organic web rankings

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