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4 questions to check if you truely understand SEO – DIGICOM – Digital Marketing Course Provider

is almost the first discipline emerged when digial marketing came to the scene. This buzzword has been around for almost two decades. Brands have been given lots of education from different digital agencies or consultants that this is not a new topic. However the algorithm of search engines ranking factors have been constantly changing. Some brands or consultants are still holding many beliefs on SEO rules that they thought were working, however indeed outdated.

Below are 4 questions to check if you truely understand SEO:

1) Google to some extent considers Meta Description and Meta Keywords as one of the ranking factors?
Answer: No (even as an unimportant factor) 10+ years ago (I found some practising SEO consultants still didn’t know that in 2018)
2) Link Building is no longer important since Penguin Update?
Answer: Yes, it is still important especially when you are aiming at competitive keywords with higher search volume
3) www.example.com and example.com are duplicate content in SEO context?
Answer: Yes, even if the the two links are pointing to the same location in the physical web server
4) SEO friendly CMS (Content Management System) meant the accommodation of an interface for users to type Title tag, meta tags, and H1 tag?
Answer: No – every SEO exercise should start with Keywords research. Without SEO research just filling up title meta tags are meaningless, not to say meta tags are no longer important as a ranking factor. H1 tag is the heading for each of your web page that should also be readable by human audience, not just for SEO purpose. And sometimes I saw some CMS put invisible H1 tag which will be penalized by Google.

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