Facebook’s Revamped Ads Manager Will Include Features From Power Editor – Adweek

facebook revamped ads manager and there will be no more power editor whose features were merged into facebook ad manager.  Indeed #facebook advertising is indeed one of the channel of #digital marketing. The beauty of digital marketing are results forecast before the campaign; and measurable and trackable results after the campaign as well as optimization […]

Facebook Advertising changes for Reaching People that Live Abroad

Below is the article in 2015. In 2015 Facebook introduced the #expats targeting features that you can include or exclude expatriates groups from certain countries. However in 2017 Q4 onwards, due to policy of privacy and non-discrimination, this feature is modified that you can only include or exclude ALL expatriates (not certain countries) in your […]

6 Social Media Practices That Boost SEO

Google Penguin Update emphasized the trustworthiness of link building tactics as well as the value of social mentions and brand mentions. Following this, Social Media optimization and #SEO should be conducted in an integrated way to boost your organic web rankings. Email to us for a free SEO audit on your website! Search Marketing is […]

Facebook quietly removes ad filter to target users based on their relationship preferences – Marketing Land

Most of you may be well aware that facebook algorithm started to skew towards paid traffic since 7 or 8 years ago. Today average facebook posts yield near to 0% of organic reach to your friends, followers or target audience. Social Media Marketers have to spend advertising dollars to promote the reach and exposure of […]