Most of you may be well aware that facebook algorithm started to skew towards paid traffic since 7 or 8 years ago. Today average facebook posts yield near to 0% of organic reach to your friends, followers or target audience. Social Media Marketers have to spend advertising dollars to promote the reach and exposure of their promotional message. In the facebook advertising arena, we shall keep you posted with the latest update on targeting change or paid algorithm change.

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A spokesperson for the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) told BuzzFeed that Facebook’s decision to remove the identity-based targeting option could prevent malicious behavior targeting the LGBTQ community. But Calvin Stowell, the chief growth officer for The Trevor Project — a nonprofit organization to help save suicidal LGBT youth — told BuzzFeed that Facebook’s decision to remove the ad filter has made his job more difficult.


“Based on feedback from our community and outside experts, we’re removing the ability for organizations to target people based on the ‘interested in’ information from their profiles,” says Facebook’s product management director, Mary Ku.


According to Facebook, the site is consistently in contact with privacy, civil rights, consumer and LGBTQ groups on a wide range of topics and is committed to reviewing its ad targeting options.


BuzzFeed reported this week that the ad targeting option was removed last month, but Facebook made no public statement announcing advertisers could no longer use the “interested in” filter.


Facebook has quietly removed an ad filter that enabled advertisers to create campaigns targeting users based on their relationship preferences. The filter allowed advertisers to target people based on information from the “interested in” detail on their user profile. Users can select if they are interested in “women” or “men” — making it possible to build a campaign around a person’s sexual orientation.



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