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Black Hat SEO & Shadow Domains To Avoid – DIGICOM – Digital Marketing Course Provider

Shadow Domains is one of the black hat methodologies as mentioned in my previous blog. With black hat tactics, client was running the risk of being penalized by Search Engines or all web rankings gone when they changed the SEO service suppliers – in exchange of the short term benefits of seeing web rankings boost overnight with a literally lower price.

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Search Marketing is only one of the media touchpoint in the consumer journey, more targeting to the advocacy stage in the buying cycle. To maximize the results of , a omnichannel media strategy is recommended. The prevailing trend among traditional and digital marketers are to understand the operation / execution sides and nuts and bolts of the digital marketing for realistic planning strategy, better communication with vendors or inhouse execution of marketing campaigns for faster market response and better safeguard the audience big data.

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Search engine ranking is a numbers game, and Webmasters can create hundreds of shadow domain sites, all hosted separately that flood the search engines with thousands of phantom pages. This method is especially popular in highly competitive fields such as finance, pharmaceutical drugs, gambling and adult content. See


There are programs that create shadow domains automatically, such as the very comprehensive shadowMaker from fantomaster.com GmbH (www.fantomaster.com). ShadowMaker generates self-contained, independent websites for its customers with sophisticated scripts that differentiate people from spiders and redirect bona fide users. The scripts use a spider database that contains the spider’s IP address and attributes, and fantomaster.com updates the database several times daily.


The key to an effective shadow domain is the ability to redirect a human to the real Web page upon arriving on the phantom page, while letting the search engine spider scan the page.


A website set up for search engine spiders rather than humans. Shadow domains are indexed by the search engines just like all other sites on the Web, except the shadow domain is not for human visitors, and its content would look like gibberish. Pages are loaded with extra keywords that make the page look like top-notch content to the spider and help rank the page higher in the search results. Also called a “cloaked” site, the pages are known as “phantom pages.”


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