Brand owners launch a professionally looking website and then planned for their promotion. may be the starting point of their promotion. And then they found out the website is not SEO friendly from the aspect of on-page optimization and technical optimization. Some of these non-SEO friendly elements can be rectified without a big modification of your website. However some of those non-SEO friendly elements may need big investments to modify your website such as website design and layout or content structure.

Therefore the best practice is to have SEO in place before planning your website, but not the reversal.

Summarized below the 5 reasons why you should have SEO BEFORE planning your website.

1) You no need to restructure your IA (Information architecture) and content structure if you have them in mind after your SEO keywords research and before planning your website
2) You no need to face a CMS that can only simply put meaningless metatags and title tags and Invisible H1 tags (penalized by Google) that was promised by your website developers as SEO friendly but indeed they are not. You can plan the technical requirements of your CMS (content management system) to be in line with your SEO requirements
3) You can have SEO friendly design and website layout. And no need to re-design your website template or even re-program your non-SEO friendly web page layout (such as one-page layout)
4) Selection of web hosting companies and installation of necessary features that fulfill the technical requirements of SEO such as website security, page speed, etc.
5) Components of your content strategy such as blog posts which is the extension to your website should have content categories in line with the findings of your SEO keywords research.

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