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The face behind Google’s organic search team – DIGICOM – Digital Marketing Course Provider

As mentioned Matt Cutts as the face behind Google’s organic search team left Google in 2016; and being replaced by Danny Sullivian who became the public face of Google organic search team. Matt laid the foundations of earlier Google organic web ranking’s principle i.e. promoting relevancy being the central theme for all organic ranking algorithms updates. Danny is following the footpath of Matt to make sure Google search isn’t evil. Besides Danny, John Mueller is another important figure behind Google’s search team. The organic search team is independent to the Sales and Marketing team to make sure the organic search results are free from influence from advertisers of any Google Ad products.

Therefore Googlers from Marketing team may not be the expert to tell you the Google , but only guys from this team.

Google’s search algorithms, in particular, have produced a string of high-profile mistakes in recent months. Part of Sullivan’s job is to explain those errors. He’s responsible for bridging the gap between Google’s engineers and the outside world and, ultimately, using feedback from both sides to make its systems work better.

In hindsight, his appointment seems well-timed: In the months since Sullivan took on his role, the tech industry has faced increased scrutiny over how its algorithms affect the public. Critics have lambasted Google, YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter for exacerbating filter bubbles, serving consumers fake news or conspiracy theories, and failing to adequately support the creators they rely on.

When Sullivan announced he was joining Google as a “search liaison” late last year, only a few months after retiring from his reporting job, it surprised industry observers and other writers alike.

The bafflement arose because before he joined Google last October, he was a sometimes-critical outsider who had written stories about the company for nearly two decades. As a journalist, his trips to the Googleplex would include a prominent visitors’ badge and a public-relations handler at his side.

from Danny Sullivan on being Google new search liaison

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