There are many issues on development tools, website design , IA, website architecture, web copy content, programming during which will affect the organic searchability of your website upon launch. If you are planning a website revamp project, it is recommended that the website development process is led and driven by an expertised project manager.

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A beautiful website alone will not earn you much website traffic or sales revenue. A holistic digital marketing strategy and tactful implementation is your answer to increase sales revenue. The prevailing trend among traditional and digital marketers are to understand the operation / execution sides and nuts and bolts of the digital marketing for realistic planning strategy, better communication with vendors or inhouse execution of marketing campaigns for faster market response and better safeguard of your audience big data.

DIGICOM Academy is pleased to announce as the educational partner of Digital Marketing Institute (DMI) based in Dublin. Enroll in Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing course; and earn the globally recognized, industry validated and academically credit rated certificate to advance your career. Studying with DIGICOM Academy, you got extra 6 hours on step-by-step guides of dashboard training on ad platform and technical tools taught by Digital Marketing Pioneers.

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Interlinking is also critical to your site’s success. Linking your related pages together helps users navigate your site, as well as spread precious link juice.


If we’re thinking of your website in terms of a house, you want all the layout of your rooms to make sense. You wouldn’t place your guest bathroom down the hall, past the kitchen, through the guest bedroom, across the backyard, and down a secret cellar in the toolshed – your guests would never be able to find it! It would take forever, and if Google was visiting, you could bet they’d give you a poor score for the trouble.


A house has a lot of parts. There’s the wooden framework, the plumbing, the insulation, the furniture – and that’s just the interior! You also have to worry about exterior stuff like paint, windows, landscaping… the list goes on and on. A website has just as many parts, and like a house, they all work together to create a cohesive, usable space.


Ignoring SEO while building a website is one of the biggest mistakes you can make. Even if you focus on making your site the eye-popping, mind-blowing thing a user has ever laid eyes on – if you ignore SEO while you’re building it, it won’t matter.


Developing a website is a lot like building a house – without a strong foundation, the house won’t last. A lot of groundwork must be laid before you can live in it. For websites, that groundwork is SEO.



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