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Remarketing 101: A Beginner’s Guide – Search Engine Journal – DIGICOM – Digital Marketing Course Provider

“Through the DIGICOM platform, we were able to generate north of HK$600,000 in revenue and 1600+ sales at a ROAS of 10+ during one single quarter; through programmatic advertising and creative targeting Strategy” This is the compliment from our client on programmatic advertising, Hong Kong Rugby Union. One of our successful recipe is remarketing on the programmatic advertising platform.

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Programmatic Advertising is good at generating both brand awareness and conversions. The prevailing trend among traditional and digital marketers are to understand the operation / execution sides and nuts and bolts of the for realistic planning strategy, better communication with vendors or inhouse execution of marketing campaigns for faster market response and better safeguard of your audience big data.

DIGICOM Academy is pleased to announce as the educational partner of Digital Marketing Institute (DMI) based in Dublin. Enroll in Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing course; and earn the globally recognized, industry validated and academically credit rated certificate to advance your career. Studying with DIGICOM Academy, you got extra 5 hours on step-by-step guides of dashboard training on ad platform and technical tools taught by Digital Marketing Pioneers.

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Remarketing, also known as retargeting, are banner ads that target you after you’ve visited a company’s website. So after you visit a site like 80sTees.com (no affiliation) – and move on to a site like Gawker, you might see a 80sTees.com banner ad. How this works is a bit more complicated. Let’s dive into how exactly remarketing works and how your company can start using it.


You might be familiar with the term ‘remarketing’ and you may have read countless articles about the topic. If so, this isn’t the article for you. However, if you need a crash course, you are in the right place! This guide is designed for beginner-level audiences and to be your team’s tactical go-to.


But what if we were to pull the curtain back and show you who the Wizard of Oz is? Knowing what remarketing is and how it works may make it less impressive, but that doesn’t change its effectiveness. Even if you know the magic behind remarketing, it is a highly effective ad tactic for marketers.


Seems pretty impressive, right? That company must have a huge ad budget and be doing well if it can afford ads on all these major websites! If you’re not aware of what remarketing is, it can definitely be impressive.


Have you surfed the web and felt like a company was following you everywhere you go? You skip from CNN, to Facebook, to your favorite celebrity gossip site, and everywhere you look you see a banner ad for one company?



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