Baidu is still the major player accounting for the largest market share in search volume. Nevertheless there are emerging search engines in China which is gaining more popularity. 360 Search is one of these, however still more popular on desktop device. Another emerging search engine to keep an eye on is Shenma.

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360 Search is the third largest Chinese search engine with 3.67% of market share. 360 Search is the Chinese version of Bing. 360 Search holds nearly 30% of the desktop search market share. Their main target is the small and medium business that are looking for advertising solutions. This strategy attracts a lot of small businesses that cannot support the expensive ad services on Baidu. Moreover, Qihoo360 only has a few advertisements, and the competition so rude as on Baidu. So this is a big opportunity for small and medium businesses.


Launched in 2004, Sogou is the second largest Chinese search engine with 6.67% of market share. Sogou ( , owned by internet company Sohu, operates in the search engine market and offers a large game of Internet value-added services with the Web games. Primary products such as Sogou Pinyin input, and Sogou Web Directory. Last August, Sogou announced that its plan to focus on artificial intelligence and natural language processing for building a next-generation search engine, in order to become an “innovator and pioneer in artificial intelligence in China”.


Even if Google dominates search engine market in the US with nearly 65% of the market, Baidu came and changed the game, with over 80% of search engine in China.


In 2000, Li founded Baidu ( , the Chinese’s dominant search engine. The most important thing to understand about Baidu is that, it actually has the biggest market share of the Internet-search market in China. Baidu definitely won the Chinese search engine market, with more than 80% of market share. That’s incredible! If you still have a doubt about the importance to get visibility on Baidu, you have to review your position.No more Google here. If you’re in the US and need to look something up online, of course you will likely to use Google, but for someone in China is to use Baidu.


The total revenue of search engine market in China is 20.374 billion yuans this year, an increase of 29.21%  led by Baidu, Sogou, and 360 search. In 2018, Baidu is still the leader of China’s search engines market with 80% of market share, followed by Sogou with 6.63% and 360 Search 3.27%.



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